Cyber Crime Law Practice in Nepal

Cyber Crime Lawyer in Nepal

Internet and cyber crimes take all kinds of forms. They may be abuse-related in nature and involve cyber-stalking, bullying, hate crimes, civil rights violations, or criminal harassment. Internet crimes can involve hacking and scams, many of which are theft or fraud-related . Such crimes may be sexual in nature and involve prostitution, sex trafficking or child pornography.

Internet crime includes:

Cyberstalking/ online bullying

criminal harassment

Identity theft

Child pornography

Prostitution/sex trafficking


Credit card fraud

Illegal gambling

Sale of counterfeit goods  and

scams  etc

In Nepal we do not have a separate law or act to prosecute the cyber crimes however we have a common law applied for the cases. We have different investigation authority and prosecutor for initiating the case i.e. Cyber Bureau in Nepal and all the cases are only within the jurisdiction of Cyber Bureau located in Kathmandu.

The digital landscape is changing rapidly keeping space with emerging cyber threats. Internet and cybercrime have increased in recent years, causing damages to person as well business. The internet has made a different impact in way we communicate, we shop and live our life. But increasing use of internet has also increased criminal illegal activities such as cyberstalking, harassment, malicious communication, scams, sextortion, identity theft, sex trafficking, phishing scams, cards fraud etc. If you have been accused of Internet crimes, computer crimes, possession of child pornography or distribution of child pornography, cyber crime lawyer in Nepal will defend you aggressively.

The evolving nature of criminal cyber activity has created a unique situation in the legal system. Case wins and losses are currently defining the landscape of how future charges will be prosecuted. While most crimes should have standard defense by  cyber crime lawyer’s strategies adjusted to each set of circumstances, allegations of cyber crimes need to be defended using creative tactics based on the most recent technological advancements and concepts.

At Lawin and Partners we cyber crime lawyer in Nepal, collect evidences and forward a decisive approach for a strong defense.


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