Criminal and Civil Litigation Service in Nepal

Litigation refers to legal representation of cases for settling disputes in the court. Litigator seeks to resolve conflicts in court of law. It includes drafting of lawsuits, registration, witness examination, pleading for handling disputes within court procedures. Defense litigation lawyers represents client’s form pre-trial, trial to post-trial in administrative, criminal, civil, family, tort, banking and finance and corporate cases.

Lawin Partners offers all kinds of litigation services with specialization team in family, civil, criminal, anti-corruption and commercial disputes. Our experienced and dedicated lawyers litigates our clients’ cases at all levels of Nepalese court, quasi-judicial tribunals, special courts, district courts, high courts and Supreme court.

Victim Representation and Litigation

We represent a crime victim of  criminal case. Victims in criminal justice system have rights under several laws and rules in courts to implement those rights victim can appoint their attorney to represent them. We support people in Filing FIR, investigation process and enforcing crime victims’ rights throughout procedural proceedings in the court. For additional information and representation call us now.

 Writ Petition and Public Interest Litigation (PIL)

Public Interest Litigation is a social action litigation initiated before court of law for enforcement of public interest at large. Writ petition can be filed by and aggrieved persons to seek legal remedies for violation of constitutional laws. We provided service of drafting and representation on habeas corpus, mandamus, prohibition, certiorari, Quo Warranto writs to our clients effectively.

Lawin and Partners is socially motivated to protect affected legal rights and liabilities of some public or communities or groups and protect constitutional rights of aggrieved person through all kinds of writs petitions.

Commercial Litigation

Despite of Criminal and civil case litigation lawyers law firms commercial lawyers do litigate the cases related to commercial and business related disputes. Expanding international businesses, changing regulatory requirements, increasing corporate scrutiny and complex cross-border transactions are among disputes where  our firm’s commercial litigator solves. Our firm represent our Clients in every phase of trial, appellate , supreme court to the quasi-judicial institutions.

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