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Lawin and Partners, a renowned law practice in Nepal with highly qualified lawyers in Kathmandu, is pleased to offer a thorough, high-standard, and forward-thinking approach to resolving your legal issues in a variety of legal fields.

With the goal of offering specialized legal services in the fields of Commercial, Criminal, Family, and Civil laws, our team of attorneys is recognized for their professional specialty in their respective practice areas. Our dedication to excellence extends to a wide range of services, such as litigation support, strong representation, efficient advice and counseling, incorporation procedures, meticulous due diligence, and coverage of a broad range of practice areas, such as foreign investment, business incorporation, project finance, and commercial litigation.

Best lawyer in Nepal: Lawin and Partners (Law Office)

Lawin and Partners (Law Office) is one of the high rated leading law firms in Nepal. We have team of best lawyers in Nepal with dedicated and high quality services. .

Premier lawyer in Nepal : Comprehensive Legal Services

Lawin and Partners, a renowned law firm with highly qualified lawyers in Nepal is pleased to offer a high-standard and forward-thinking approach to resolve legal problems in diverse field. Our dedication to excellence extends to wide range of services such as litigation through strong representation, efficient advice and counselling, incorporation, due diligence, incorporating of foreign investment, project financing and commercial litigation in broad range of areas.

Our Lawyers are expert and as per the expertise we have our specific departments to handle your cases.

Specialized Criminal lawyer in Nepal

Criminal Lawyers department is specialized and determined in criminal cases. We have a high rated criminal lawyer in Nepal tirelessly working on murder, white-collar crimes, drug crimes, human trafficking, sexual assaults, domestic violence, organized crime, gold smuggling and many more.

Criminal Lawyers of our firm investigate your arrest, gather supportive reliable evidences, analyze evidence collected by Nepal government/police and provides all our efforts on your case in order to prove you innocent in the crime, dismiss the case on your behalf, reduce the penalties and compensation, keep you away from going to prison.  

Expert Corporate lawyer in Nepal

Corporate Lawyers Department in our law firm are highly experienced and dedicated to navigate laws, regulations and advice, counsels, on corporate cases and problems.

Corporate Lawyers assists in business registration process for local and foreigners, project finance, INGOs and NGOs registration, foreign direct investment, Commercial contract draft, employment contracts, visa and work permit to foreign employee, arbitration and mediation and corporate compliance also corporate litigation. 

Best Family and Divorce lawyer in Nepal

The Lawin and Partners (Law Office) family and divorce department offers best service in Nepal.  This team is recognized as best divorce lawyers in Nepal for its working expertise.

Our family and divorce lawyers assist you from documentation, court procedures and in overall stages of court.  Our service in this department includes, marriage, matrimonial disputes, divorce, child support and custody, maintenance, adoption, family and postnuptial agreements, guardianship, separation, property division and inheritance also civil and family disputes litigation. 


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Contact us for best solution of your complex and challenging legal problems through our experienced lawyer in Nepal and make a huge difference.

Finding a trustworthy lawyer in Nepal for crucial representation of your cases by lawyers of Lawin’s Premier law firm definitely meets best interest of your case.  Do connect us with our criminal lawyer, corporate lawyer and Family and Divorce Lawyer in Nepal to best suit your legal needs.