Corruption Litigation Service in Nepal 

Generally, in corruption cases, CIAA is responsible for investigation and prosecution. The Special Court in Kathmandu adjudicates all the cases. Appeal over the decision of Special Court lies in the Supreme Court of Nepal. Government Attorneys, who work under the Attorney General of Nepal, represent the CIAA during whole adjudication process during trial and appeal as well. All corruption cases are dealt under CIAA Act.

Corruption litigation lawyers in our law firm in Nepal provides representation for individuals and business, whether they are under investigation or need assistance complying with legislation. Breach of CIAA Act breach can lead to personal and corporate criminal liability, with potential sanctions including fines and/or imprisonment.

Anti-bribery guidelines prevent people and organizations from attempting to bribe others, while anti-corruption guidelines prevent public officials from accepting those bribes.

Our Lawyers assists in preparing policies and guidelines in their organization. Corruption Litigation lawyers in our firm helps in anti-corruption due diligence for clients that are going to establish business in Nepal.

We can assist you with:

  • Investigation
  • Corporate anti-corruption due diligence
  • Adequate procedures
  • Compliance advice.

If you’re involved in a bribery and corruption investigation, our specialist in Corruption litigation lawyers in Nepal can protect you and secure the best possible outcome. Give our friendly team a call on +9779841933745 or mail [email protected]

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