Divorce of Nepali Living Abroad

Divorce Process of Nepali Living Abroad

(This article explains the process of Husband and Wife Mutual Consent Divorce of Nepali living Abroad )

  1. Introduction:

In another word, divorce means legal termination and the dissolution of marriage between legally married spouse through court. For legal validation, a divorce must be concluded only in the court.

  1. Governing Laws for divorce in Nepal

  • Muluki Civil Code, 2074
  • Muluki Civil Procedure Rules, 2075
  1. Who can file divorce case in Nepal

  • Only husband or wife can file for divorce in Nepal
  • If the husband or wife cannot be physically present in the court, the the assigned Power of Attorney (POA) who can act on behalf of them may file for divorce.
  1. Where can husband or wife file for divorce

The husband or wife who wants to file for divorce have to follow the legal jurisdiction as to where to file for divorce or what would be the authority for divorce filing;

  • District Court of Husband or Wife of their permanent address.
  • District Court of temporary address of husband or wife (here, temporary residence recommendation document of temporary residing ward is needed)
  • In case of property with divorce case, in the District Court where the property is located
  1. Legal grounds for divorce

In context of Nepal, spouses or married couple need to provide some grounds or reasons for divorce in their petition while filing for divorce. Basically, as per new National Civil Code of Nepal, 2074, there are certain conditions for both husband and wife to file divorce petition in the court;

Divorce Lawyer in Nepal
Divorce Lawyer in Nepal

6. Forms of Divorce

Basically, as per Nepalese law, divorce is conducted in mainly two ways:

  1. Mutual consent divorce
  2. Unconsented divorce

Mutual Consent Divorce of Nepali Living Abroad 

1.1. Meaning of Mutual Consent Divorce

  • Dissolution of marriage between husband and wife at any time from their mutual understanding (concluded only in court) that the marriage has broken down and they are willing to separate by mutual agreement.
  • In this type of marriage both the husband and wife have understanding on various aspects such as division of property, alimony, child custody and others and they act accordingly upon reaching the agreement.

Mutual Consent divorce between both parties being Nepali citizen living in foreign

  1. Required Documents

S.NRequired Documents
1.Authorized Power of Attorney (POA)(”Adhikrit wareshnama”) authorized by the Nepalese Embassy in parties residing country.
2.Citizenship copy of both husband and wife
3.Marriage registration certificate (if not then, marriage photos will work)
4.Child birth certificate (if having any child)
5.Citizenship copy of both the assigned POA who is to represent on behalf of the husband and wife living in foreign
6.If available other evidences, then those evidences.
7.Passport size photos of the both husband and wife and of both the assigned attornies (2 copies each)

2. Process of mutual consent divorce between both parties being Nepali citizen living in foreign:

Process of Mutual consent divorce
Process of Mutual consent divorce

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