Adv. Ganesh Bhattarai – Best Criminal Lawyer of Nepal

Best Senior Consultant lawyer in Nepal

Best Criminal Lawyer of Nepal: Top Criminal Law Firm in Nepal

Name: Dr. Ganesh Bhattarai 

Senior Legal Consultant



Mr. Ganesh Bhattarai is a senior consultant of Lawin and Partners, basically specialized in criminal Law and recognized as best and top criminal lawyer of Nepal. He is professional expert in litigation with high numbers of criminal cases representation in Supreme Court of Nepal with more than 40 years of work experience. He has been playing a significant role in the transformation of the Criminal Justice System in Nepal with his expertise.

Criminal Law firm in Nepal with best Criminal Lawyers team have made significant changes in the law and judiciary along with establishment of supreme court precedents.

He is PHD scholar , professor and a legal practitioner in Criminal law. He has been dealing with high profile criminal cases of Nepal as criminal lawyer expert.

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Adv. Sakun Bhandari-Best Criminal and Divorce Lawyer in Nepal

Best Criminal Lawyer in Nepal

Best Criminal and Divorce Lawyer in Nepal

Adv. Sakun Bhandari

Founding and Managing Partner of Lawin and Partners (Law Office) / 

+977-9841933745 / +977-9828942773 

Lawin & partners helps to navigate your allegations with best lawyers in Nepal

Advocate Sakun Bhandari is the founder and managing partner of Lawin & Partners; a fast-growing law firm in Kathmandu Nepal.
She is best criminal and divorce lawyer for litigation to the victims as well as defendant rights in Nepal who navigates the legal roadmap in matrimonial, divorce, family, criminal, corporate and commercial as well many other legal disputes with  strong representation in the court. She has worked on a number of legal and regulatory reform projects. She does advise for multinational companies, foreign investors, banks and financial institutions, and in many other commercial matters. Additionally, she has completed mediation and arbitration certification programs and playing a mediator and arbitrator role in Supreme Court and Kathmandu District Court.

• Nepali
• English
• Hindi


  • Master of Law (LL.M.) – Kathmandu School of Law
  • Bachelor of Law (LL.B.) – Kathmandu School of Law

Professional Membership and Associations

  • Nepal Bar Association
  • Nepal Bar Council
  • Mediation Council
  • Arbitration Council
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